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Posted By cheekyredhead on Aug 17, 2009 at 11:19PM

Well it looks like we are all getting a make-over and "TeamSugar"
will look WAY different in the very near future.

Change can be a little unsettling for people but usually it works out for the best. Having spent the best part of my day backing up files I had a unique opportunity to look at all the friends I have accumulated and all the wonderful conversations we have had here and hoped that these changes bring us wonderful things!

In case we all get lost (probably not) I definitely didn't want to lose you! Here is the link to my official blog. I post a new edition weekly and sometimes bi-weekly if my schedule permits its it.

You can find me on Facebook...heck everywhere just google me. Gotta warn you, I am not that lady that is "all about yarn" nor am I the porn star that have taken a liking to my alias.

Here is the link to my blog:

cheekyredhead.wordpress.com ....for the good clean fun

Otherwise I'll hope to see you in one of my forums:
"Spoon Full of Sugar" and "Write-On"

I will leave crumbs so you can come find me